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Damage Waivers & Insurance
Damage Waivers - General
  It is strongly suggested that customers obtain the damage waiver on the item for the duration of the rental period. Minor scuff and scratches to the lens barrel, hood, flash and camera bodies are considered the results of ordinary wear and tear and will not result in damage assessments.

In the event of damage covered by this waiver, the Lessee (you) will pay Lensfly LLC a deductible amounting to 15% of repair costs or the retail value of the equipment or an item similar to the equipment rented to you. For complete details please see Section 15 of our Lease Agreement
Insurance - Rented Equipment Insurance
  Damage waivers are NOT insurance, they are a waiver of complete liability for damaged equipment. Damage waivers do not cover lost or stolen equipment.  If you rent often and or are renting high-value equipment, then rental equipment insurance may be required. If you do not have policy that will cover your rentals, you can purchase rental insurance from Hefferman Insurance Broakers at  Lensfly LLC must be named as Loss Payee on your policy and the certificate of insurance.