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Camera Service Form - Sensor Cleaning and Lens Calibrations

Our professional camera cleaning service includes cleaning and maintaining external components of the camera or lens and the following internal components: image sensor, focus screen, mirror, and mirror box lining. Lens calibration includes setting the auto-focus fine-tune or micro-adjustment on your camera, optimizing the lens for your camera body. We will update firmware and provide shutter counts on most Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras if requested. We generally test the following ports: USB, HDMI, MIC IN, MIC OUT, PC SYNC, REMOTE and the flash HOT SHOE. Any significant defects found on your camera or lenses will be noted.

Please fill out this form completely.

Click this link to access the Lensfly Camera Service Form.

The service charge for full frame digital cameras is $69 plus tax and for mirrorless and crop sensor cameras it is $59 plus tax. Lens calibration and cleaning (one lens to one camera) is $29 plus tax. Lensfly customers who have rented within the last 12 months enjoy an automatic 20% discount. Our service typically takes about 3 days. Please contact us for rush service.

*** Please note: Lens cleanings are external. Internal problems such as dust, dirt, or water intrusions require lens servicing, which falls outside our calibration and cleaning service scope. If you are uncertain about your needs, please call us as we are happy to discuss how we can help.